Beautiful bicycles for a better world

Background information on bamboo bikes

The bikes that Eerlijke Kansen offers have a frame made of bamboo.

Bamboo is:

  • strong: strength is comparable to steel see this video;
  • light, absorbs vibrations and therefor is a very smooth ride;
  • suitable to make very stiff frames;
  • the most eco-friendly and useful renewable resource on the planet. During production no CO2 is beiong produced (like during the production of steel and aluminium) but CO2 is reduced and Oxygen is produced!
  • doens't corrode like steel and aluminium;
  • frames can be made almost without electrical power tools(!);
  • frames are made using locally grown bamboo.

The CO2 produced during transportation of the frames is being compensated for by EerlijkeKansen. Therefor these bikes are the first climate-friendly, zero-emission bicycle on the Dutch market

The builders in Africa get paid a decent price for their work. Does this make a difference? I believe it does. Check this video of Ben and judge for yourself!

Of course these bikes cost money. And they are not cheap, but still, the price of bamboo bikes in the Netherlands has dropped significantly because of the fact these frames are made in Africa rather than in the USA. Example: the price for a Calfee design mountainbike was €4700,- EXclusive VAT in the Netherlands. Now the bamboosero mountainbike costs €2199,- INclusive VAT.

Testreports of professional bikejournalists can be found here and here.


Frame: € 899,- including V.A.T. and 5 year warranty.

Complete bike: from € 1399,- including V.A.T. and 5 year warranty.

A few demo bikes are available. 

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